Customer experiences

Through the years, I have been a part of many successful car and motorcycle purchase and import processes. You can find some genuine customer experiences below. I personally believe that when you do things sincerely and with a big heart, things tend to work out. A satisfied customer is simply the best possible form of a business card.

Lauri Levón

A plane ticket to Chicago. Greeted by Sami and his transportation equipment. We drove to the middle of the States to look at a car. A deal was struck and Sami handled the bank issues. The car was loaded and transported for containerisation. After all that, there was still some time to enjoy the local hospitality and so on. Then it was time to head back and wait for the car to arrive. The car arrived as was agreed and not a scratch on it.

Great service and things were handled well from beginning to the end. Thank you for that. :-)

Saku Kulju

Sami Minkkinen is a pal, with whom I have had the privilege to work with for about 10 years. There have not been a single disappointment on the road and the vehicles have been purchased as if “he’d have bought them for himself”. Sami informs on the spot if anything seems out of place.

It has been a pleasure to recommend Sami to others, knowing that they’ve also had nothing but successes in their purchases.

Some might think that people like Sami have gone extinct, but luckily that is not the case.

I’ve bought cars and bikes, dating from 1919 -> Corvettes and Prowlers, Harleys, etc.


Cars and motorcycles imported to Saku

Terho Helimäki

Over the years I have owned plenty of avocation cars from the States. When I received my third car from Sami, I realised that I wouldn’t need to consider contacting anyone else regarding importing cars.

Inspections, contacts, freigth, containerisation, etc. have always gone as agreed. The vehicles have always been as discussed. Sometimes even better than expected. As an example, all vehicles have passed the Finnish inspects with flying colours.

Cars imported to Terho

Juha Veijalainen, Pekka Yliknuuttila

Sami has delivered plenty of avocation motorcycles to us over the years, so we just had to go say hello in person. We had acquired suitable motorcycles through Sami beforehand and we made a great trip around the Great Lakes. We also enjoyed “a tent sauna” by the shores of Lake Michigan. We even went to see Indianapolis Moto GP to see Mika Kallio win.

From Juha and Pekka’s trip

Akif Hairetdin

Having imported plenty of cars, I got acquainted with Sami a couple of years ago. I’ve ordered some challenging cars and the first, and definitely not the easiest review was 1995 Gasser. Sami visited on site to inspect the car’s condition and duly reported everything essential about the car. The first car I acquired through Sami certainly wasn’t the last one. All three cars have been delivered splendidly, with professionalism and perfect confidence. Even difficult acquisitions have been handled. If you are thinking of getting a hobbyist vehicle, I can warmly recommend Sami’s company. Everything has gone exceptionally.

Keep on rodding… Aki

AKI’S vehicles

Harry Starkkila

I remember it well when we began to work on acquiring that Wing and I was troubled by importing it from America. My good friend Sami Karjalainen convinced me and told me to just go with it. We were at my fiftieth when Sami persuaded me to contact Minkkinen and so I did. The search for the Wing began and when it was found and it was time for payment I called Sami and the conversation went somewhere along these lines: I am wondering about sending 5000 euros to a man whom I’ve never met in person, to which Sami replied that, if it helps, this will not be the last time we would do business together. We got Wing back to Finland and it is a lot of joy and many nice trips.

Sami was right that buying this Wing would not be the last time we do business. Then I acquired Yamaha 1977 and 1972, as well as a Kawasaki 1979 which I sold to a friend who had more time to turn them into driveable vehicles. Yamaha 1972 was on display at MP2017 in February. The latest motorcycle that I’ve acquired through Sami is that red Yamaha 1972.

I can sincerely recommend Sami Minkkinen’s import services. Everything has gone as agreed. Thank you!


Tapio Mäntynen

My first purchase took place around 1997 when I acquired my first 1968 Triumph motorcycle through Sami. I owned the motorcycle for 25 years and have since sold it on to France. After that, I had a couple of years break from the hobby due to family, house and other reasons. In mid 2000s, when the dollar was cheap, the urge began to resurface and there was no helping it, so I contacted the dependable Sami. First we acquired 1956 Mercury Monterey and FLH Harley Shovelhead. I still have the Mercury and many Harleys have come and gone, as well as several Japanese, British, etc. I have also had many cars and the latest is the 1960 Ford Thunderbird for the wife. Cars and motorcycles have always been what we’ve talked about, or even better. The cargo have been shipped and handled well and there have never been any travel related damages. I have recommended Sami’s services to several of my friends and our circle of friends has acquired plenty of vehicles over the years.

I am especially grateful for the flexibility and swift services that Sami offers as sometimes there’s been a hurry to go get a car or motorcycle when you come across the “right priced one” when surfing the web in the morning and you need to be the first one to the location.

A few vehicles have also been left unpurchased when their condition has been worse than stated.

I recommend.


Seppo Mäntynen

I am very satisfied with your services. Acquiring cars from America could not have happened without you. Many times, when you have been retrieving a vehicle that I had considered a sure deal, you have so professionally informed me that the car in question should not be purchased. Often the car has appeared to be in shape only on the surface and unless you had personally inspected the entire car on location, I would have bought a pig in a poke. You’ve taken around hundred pictures on site which have told the truth of the car’s condition, which have made it much safer for me to decide on purchasing. In addition, you’ve driven the car, which would have been impossible for me to do.

Through your services, I have certainly saved thousands since I have had more information at the time of purchase. In addition, I recall that Americans primarily do business face to face, which is yet another reason why your help has really come in handy. Doing business with you has been easy since you have a phone number that can be called at normal domestic rates. On top of that, the WhatsApp calls have worked well. I recommend Sami Minkkinen’s services when you are purchasing a vehicle from America.


Tero Hemming

A couple of my local acquintances from Savo recommend Sami to me in Fall 2011. I was in contact with Sami via phone and the first call already validated the recommendations. Sami was a businesslike and calm man. This started cooperation which has continue for almost 6 years. During this time, Sami has imported me classic cars from USA with SS350 Avo Camaro -67 and motorcycles being the latest ones. I have also recommended Sami to numerous friends and they’ve had cars and motorcycles imported.

Sami inspects each and every car thoroughly and each purchasing decision is made carefully together. I consider myself a fairly demanding customer and I do a thorough background check myself before we even go see a car. We’ve actually left a few initially thought “great deals” undone after finding all sorts of small faults and problems that just kept piling up. In this situations, Sami never pressured to make a deal in any form, but instead he remained neutral or even guided me to leave that car there. This is an admirable characteristic in Sami. Even though his commission is based only on completed deals, there is no pressuring towards making any deals. We have of course always come to an arrangement regarding reasonable compensation for expenses that have incurred to Sami, even if the deal had not been made. This is exactly the kind of fairness that I value.


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