Privacy Policy website’s privacy policy

Last updated 4 June 2020

This website does not use cookies. This website only collects information on its users in two ways:

  1. This website uses cPanel’s Awstats software, which logs every users’s IP address. This information is stored on our servers in Finland and it will only be used to determine website traffic related statistics.

  2. If you contact Sami via the contact form on this website, then your inputted name, email address, subject and message will be sent to Sami’s personal email address. If you wish for Sami to remove your information from his email account, then send him an email.

If you have any questions, then please let us know.

Sami’s Bikes LLC
Sami Minkkinen
745 Gladstone dr se
Grand Rapids
MI 49506
+1 616 322 1767 (normal calls and WhatsApp)

Calls from Finland: 03 74118267, after 4pm,
for standard Finnish inland call prices.