Purchase and import process

Purchase and import process begins from customer contact, after which we, together with the customer, search for a suitable vehicle and map the overall market supply. Usually the customer already has some sort of an idea or even a specific model in mind that they are looking for. At the beginning of the process, we will also get familiar with the general price levels of the market.

When acquiring a car or a motorcycle through me, the core idea behind the entire purchase and import process is that customer receives the vehicle with the best possible price to quality ratio. Simply put, this will ensure that the vehicle will be reasonably priced and in good condition when imported to Northern Europe. I will guide and support you throughout the entire purchase and import process, which guarantees that you will be up to date at every step of the way. Furthermore, this means that you will be fully informed when making the final purchasing decision.

Our operations are focused around Michigan Grand Rapids area, which is located between Chicago and Detroid metropolitan areas. Due to our location, there are over 30 million residents within a 200 mile radius. This provides us with exceptional possibilities in finding a desirable good quality vehicle. In addition, the overall price level of various vehicles in the vicinity of Michigan is among the best in the States from the buyer’s point of view.

Once the potential target vehicle has been chosen, I aim to acquire all the necessary information and pictures before visiting on location. This way we can assess the vehicle’s condition. If everything appears to be in order, I will personally go and inspect, test drive and hopefully purchase the vehicle. During the detailed inspection, I will continuously keep you, the customer, informed and up to date of all things necessary. I will also send you additional pictures of the vehicle on location.

The final purchasing decision is always made together with customer, if and when the target vehicle is in desirable and required condition. If there is any doubt that you wouldn’t be satisfied with the vehicle, we will not proceed with buying the vehicle, but instead continue with the search.

Example of purchase and import process expesenses

Maritime freigth from Michigan to Finland, approx. $ 2500,-
Consulting (test driving, inspecting, etc.) $ 500,- and $ 1,- / miles driven.
A total of approx. $ 3000,- + miles driven, depending on where the vehicle is found.

In Finland, the usual import related VAT and customs expenses.
Cargo handling fees (sis. port charges, unloading of the cargo, customs, etc.) approx. 350,- EUR

The exact and final cost calculations and plans are always made per customer basis. So get in touch and let’s talk!

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